Ramen store information around the hotel.

1. Ramen Tontoro
Tontoro is a well-known Kagoshima ramen restaurant. Unlike traditional Kagoshima ramen which is served with plenty of vegetables, Tontoro's ramen is a rich and creamy tonkotsu-style (pork bone broth). For fatty tonkotsu ramen lovers, Tontoro is an experience you will not want to miss.

3 minute walk from our hotel.
Hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm, 6:30pm to 3:30am
Holidays: On an ad-hoc basis
Phone Number: 099-222-5857
Address: 9-41 Yamanoguchi-cho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture

2. Ramen Kokinta
Ramen Kokinta is a popular Kagoshima ramen restaurant located near Tenmonkan Park. Kokinta's ramen is a blend of traditional Kagoshima ramen with a slightly creamy rich tonkotsu (pork broth). Since the restaurant's ramen is a hybrid of traditional and modern tonkotsu-style, it is recommended for people who shy away from vegetable-filled Kagoshima ramen and fatty tonkotsu-style ramen.

5 minute walk from our hotel.
Hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm, 6:00pm to 4:30am next day
Holidays: None
Phone Number: 099-223-9455
Address: 11-5 Tenokuchi-cho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture

3. Ramen Komurasaki
Komurasaki is a renowned Kagoshima ramen restaurant. Though various types of Kagoshima ramen have appeared recently, Komurasaki serves old-fashioned Kagoshima ramen topped with plenty of vegetables. This ramen is recommended for those who prefer relatively light and simple ramen.

10 minute walk from our hotel.
Hours: 11am to 9pm
Holidays: Thursday
Phone Number: 099-222-5707
Address: 11-19 Higashisengoku-cho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture