Recommended sihgtseeing spots

1. Don Qui jote
One of the biggest discount store in Japan.
5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

2. Yamakataya
The oldest department store in Kagoshima.
10 minutes on foot from the hotel.

3. Amu-Plaza Kagoshima
A shopping center and movie theater directly connected to Kagoshima central station.


1. Sakurajima
One of the most active volcano and the symbol of Kagoshima.
15 minutes by tram and walk from the hotel.

2. Senganen
Senganen is a stately home and garden built by Shimazu Mitsuhisa in 1658.
25 minutes by bus from the hotel.

Tane yaku ferry terminal
Ferry port to Tanegashima and Yakushima.
20 minutes on foot. 5 minutes by taxi.

1. Ramen Tontoro
Popular ramen restaurant in Kagoshima.
3 minutes on foot.

2. Wakana
Berkshire pig shabu-shabu restaurant.
5 minutes on foot.

3. Mujaki Shirokuma café
Shirokuma is sweet shoved ice decorated with condensed milk and fruits.

4. Taiyo
A local super-market in Kagoshima.
5 minutes on foot from the hotel